The Singing Revolution – Educational DVD

Educational Version 1.1

3-Disc set including:

  • The Singing Revolution film (English language version)
  • Over four hours of additional interview outtakes, categorized by subject for easy review.
  • The 86-page color lesson plan book with 25 unique lessons designed for a variety of subjects (Social Studies, Language Arts, Music, Art, Geography and more).
  • 30 printable historical documents regarding the Singing Revolution
  • 6 historical newsreels from 1939 – 1956
  • Filmmakers’ commentary
  • 15 maps of Europe from 180 A.D. until 1997 that interactively illustrate Estonia’s history.

The Educational 1.1 version is specifically designed for middle and high school classes. 25 lesson plans were developed for a variety of subject areas using the additional source materials listed above. Most lesson plans have been designed to fit within a 50-minute class period by using only clips from the film.

This is a unique product with a variety of lesson options including lessons on nonviolent revolution, the power of music, the influence of geography on a country’s history, and much more.

Click here to review a PDF of the complete lesson plan book.

NOTE: The additional video and print materials included are the same materials now available on the TSR Digital Library and can also be purchased for streaming there.

This DVD version is licensed for limited public screenings. THIS DVD IS NOT LICENSED FOR UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE USE.

This DVD is licensed for public screenings in K-12 schools, libraries, homes, churches, community organizations, and individuals under the following conditions:

  • The DVD can only be shown on the property of the DVD purchaser.
  • No admission of any kind can be charged.
  • Public screenings can only be promoted and shown to the organization membership. Screenings cannot be promoted or publicized to the general public.
  • To offer a screening to the general public, or to charge admission, please go to and purchase Educational Version 2.0 or contact info@singingrevolution.com.
  • Not licensed for IP server applications. To register a license to stream from your central server, please contact info@singingrevolution.com.
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